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Make mistakes > Create new


  • use Sound not as an Option > take it as a part of your idea
  • do it Fullscreen > why not
  • if you have something to tell – make your point clear and write it in big letters
  • use HTML5 to serve more devices > if Flash is not necessary
  • use innovative technology to pimp your idea > technology is no idea
  • make it human > therefore it is

to be different > make it different

follow your idea > I wouldn’t hesitate. make mistakes & create new

explore, try, fail, try again -> You Can Do Everything Right and Nothing is new



How to Be More Creative

Having the ability to come up with creative ideas can help you each and every day with all of the following:

• Solve everyday problems more efficiently and effectively.
• Turn problems into opportunities.
• Find new ways of doing things.
• Find creative ways to generate more income.
• Create new products, processes, and services.
• Become indispensable to your organization.
• Develop the ability to make do with whatever is at hand to reach your goals.
• Generate ideas for artistic pursuits such as writing, drawing, composing, photography, and so on.
• Find unexpected ways to resolve conflicts.
• Lead a more fulfilling life by being “a creator”.

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